What is Autochartist ?
Autochartist is one of the world’s most popular market scanning tool.
It highlights the best trading opportunities in real time, saving you from spending hours in front of the screen looking for them.
Autochartist is applicable to various trading products such as forex, stocks, indices, and commodities.
Let Autochartist does the work for you! Autochartist can detect both completed and emerging chart pattern, completed Fibonacci
and emerging Fibonacci patterns as well as Key Levels such as breakouts and approaches.

What does Autochartist do ?
Provides complex technical analysis in real time and send out trading signals to help you decide when and what to trade.

Available Platforms
Autochartist can be used on various platforms :

Benefits of Autochartist


Autochartist is a market scanning tool that automatical provides you with Buy and Sell signals. This trading tool is applicable to Forex,
Stocks, Indices, Futures, Precious Metals, Energy and Commodities.
Autochartist will provide opportunities based on several technical analyses including but not limited to Chart Patterns, Fibonacci
patterns, Key Levels and Volatility Analysis with accuracy rate of 66 to 99%, more accurate than with any other common technical indicators.
There are four results types for chart pattern analysis: (1) Emerging, (2) Approaches, (3) Breakout, and (4) Completed.
Autochartist can be used as a reference for both Trend Traders and Swing Traders.